Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tweets and Twitters?

You have probably heard about Twitter and, if you are like me, initially dismissed it as a toy for kids who think people actually care about what they ate for breakfast. Who has time to write, much less read, such nonsense? More importantly for me, what if people actually do read (and remember) it? Will it come back to haunt me years later?

But there is actually a lot more to this system than even its creators envisioned and you may want to take a second look. Here are two articles that do a great job showing a higher purpose for tweets on Twitter—and some great ideas you can use for your organization or business. They have me re-thinking my initial resistance, I admit.

The first is by Randy Cassingham, the world-famous author of "This is True." This blog post gets all the credit for my change of heart.

The second has good tips to help you get more out of Twitter than just a trail of tweets. It is a post by Ellen Naylor, one of my LinkedIn Connections, on the Cooperative Intelligence site.

If you have seen a creative use of Twitter, post a comment with the link. I am definitely looking for inspiration, especially for online advocacy groups.

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