Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Is SPAM So Bad?

Why does email spam offend us so much? Assuming you have your email set to TXT only and there are no hacking risks, what makes unwanted commercial email so much more distasteful than junk mail in your mailbox?

You probably receive grocery store circulars, NetFlix postcards and packages of coupons along with “great deal” offers for gutters, credit cards, siding, tires, brakes, massages, magazines, etc. Have you done anything to cut down on those?

Unsolicited credit card offers, for one, pose as much a risk to us as many email threats, but most people have not checked their credit reports in years (do it free here each year—no memberships required) or opted out of getting them (do that here) in their unsecured, public address receptical (i.e., mailbox). People will register for the “do not call” list (do that here) but never even read those pamphlets from merchants and credit card companies that explain how to prevent having your name and address re-sold to “business partners.”

So what pushes our buttons about these electronic offers to enlarge, reduce, enlighten, entertain or enlist us?

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