Tuesday, March 10, 2009

C-DROMO: Helping Volunteers Help Others

I have been blogging about the need for a program that anticipates and plans for a surge of "irregulars" after a large disaster. Tentatively dubbed C-DROMO--Citizens Disaster Response Operations Management Organization--the federal agency would be primarily volunteer lead and driven, with little taxpayer support.

There is, in fact, a program in Texas that has SOME of the answer in place. The Texas Citizen Corps (http://www.texascitizencorps.org/) facilitates volunteers who want to be trained to help emergency first responders.This is PART of the solution, but misses the larger aspect: those who want to volunteer, not as assistants to police and medical teams, directing traffic in parking lots and dumping trash, but using the skills they have as tree trimmers, carpenters, cooks, electricians, welders, truck drivers, plumbers, painters, equipment operators, accountants, inventory clerks, switchboard operators, child care workers, and so forth.

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