Wednesday, March 18, 2009

C-DROMO: Where it fits - When it is needed

Here is a statement on the website from late 2008 that helps illustrate the point I am making:

"It is also important for potential volunteers to not self-deploy to the coast of Texas, but instead to wait until there is a clear understanding of what volunteer resources will be needed and where. We are currently urging those who want to help people affected by Hurricane Ike to make cash donations to nonprofit organizations that are active in disaster work."

By the time various organizations inventory what they need, post those on their web sites so they are indexed by the Network for Good system, many local volunteers (who may not even have web access) could have already been working. And some people prefer to give with their hands, rather than money from tight budgets.

We should have trained resources already in place who can work with "self-deploying" volunteers--many of whom may not think to look on some obscure website before heading out to lend a hand--so the volunteers can be organized and assigned rapidly.
Network for Good and also have a piece of this solution in place. The C-DROMO program could easily fit under the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Let’s get these pieces in place before the next hurricane strikes the U.S. There is no need to expand government staff for this program, as we can use the structures in place to provide the semi-permanent support for the public volunteers.

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