Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Details on C-DROMO concept

Here are more thoughts on the C-DROMO concept.

Imagine Galveston, Texas, being swamped with offers for help, food, equipment, etc. Would the Red Cross be able to handle it? The local police department? FEMA?

No. We need people who are prepared.

The inititial concept includes preparing people all over the U.S. with:
>Training for selected coordinators in each of five regions Regional Commanders (1 per region) – responsible for:
>>Recruiting Regional Coordinators
>>Overseeing the fulfillment of program objectives in their region
>>Management of resources allocated to their region
>>Strategic planning for the anticipated disasters in the region
>>Liaising with senior government and military leaders in the region to
>>>facilitate coordinated efforts in the event of a major disaster
>Regional Coordinators (1-3 per region) – responsible for:
>>Recruiting and training Local Resource Managers
>>Detailed planning and execution of mock disaster drills in the region
>>Inventory and assess resources, equipment and needs
>>Prepare communication, logistical and materiel management strategies for
>>>rapid, effective deployment if needed
>Local Resource Managers (1 per state in the region) – responsible for:
>>Creating and maintaining essential contact information for all local first
>>>responder organizations
>>Periodic reaffirmation with local government, first responder, and military
>>>officials of the plans of action in the event of a major disaster
>>Execution of local mock disaster drills to rehearse for smooth response to
>>>real events
>>Collection of essential supplies, equipment, tools and informational
>>>materials for volunteers and store appropriately until needed
>>Preparation of skills inventory lists in conjunction with first responder
>>>agencies for each general type of potential disaster in the area to provide a
>>>quick list that can be communicated to local media as a call for volunteers
>>>with special skills that would help the response effort succeed faster
>>Minimal paid staff for program administration
>>Equipment for logistics, communication and materiel management
>>Technical equipment
>>Emergency Power
>>Emergency fuel
>>Funding for rapid transportation of coordinators to the area of need and
>>>short-term food, equipment and shelter until additional supplies arrive

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