Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad State of Affairs in Texas

NPR has two related stories this week on the housing industry in Texas. One implicates the Texas Supreme Court and the other the Texas Residential Construction Commission as potentially suffering from extensive undue influence from the housing industry and certain key principals.

These stories are part of a disturbing pattern that has emerged recently and reminds me of the scandals in years past. Remember the 60 Minutes segment in 1987, "Justice for Sale?" Craig McDonald has a good summary here. The backlash from that may have pushed the pendulum too far into the other direction. Instead of the plaintiff's bar and Democratic Party, it is now the business sector and Republican Party who are implicated.

It is not limited to the housing industry. Look at this story by KHOU Channel 11 in Houston and this one in the Huffington (Tx) Post. The Royce City (Tx) Herald Banner sounded an alarm last year about similar concerns in a state appeals court.

Where is this going to lead?

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